This is what we do. Find out if there's a way we can help you and your organisation to innovate and solve your biggest challenges!

We provide tailored workshops to help our clients innovate, re-design their business models, provide good customer care and services, and ensure they are taking care of themselves in the process. 


Organisations such as those we often work with are smaller in scale and don't have the know-how or capacity to provide learning and development to staff. Using technology, we partner with organisations to tailor affordable solutions to fill this gap for them. 

Business accelerators are where we get down and dirty with our customers on a kind of business 'bootcamp'. We work exclusively with our partners to provide advice, guidance and various forms of support for businesses launching new projects or are in the start-up phase. 

We organise events such as think tanks to connect like minded professionals from the industries we work with. The aim, is to bring together people working towards a common objective to discuss key trends and issues collectively. 

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We bring specific industries and problems solvers together to work through some of the biggest roadblocks and challenges they face. The aim is to identify, ideate, prototype and test solutions with end users so that problems are solved and innovation is achieved! 

As we specialise in the human rights and human services sectors, advocacy is a large component of what we do. We work with industries to develop recommendations to government and form grass-roots campaigns to see they are taken into consideration. 

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