Rahul Soans
Co-Founder & Director of Technology, Contemplation and Connections

Rahul is an Engineer with a Masters in International Business. In another life he was a project manager in the telecommunications industry, and after coming to his senses, he fell into the social enterprise and startup world in Melbourne. He has cut his teeth working for startups, founded a consulting company and also runs The Disruptive Business Network - an event series and consulting service that looks at how new ideas and technology are changing business. As a consultant he focuses on business model design in the face of disruption (or change). He focuses less on strategy and more on mindset. The tools he uses are design thinking and The Lean Startup Methodology . He has a deep interest in entrepreneurship and technology, with a passion for how business can be the solution to the world's problems and not the cause.

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Anna McCracken

Co-Founder & Director of Light-Bulb Moments

Anna fills her days working between Balancing Act3 and social work. With an undergraduate degree in Social Work and a Masters in Human Rights Law, Anna keeps her feet firmly on the ground in practice, whilst also working at a high level advocating and influencing social policy. Anna is passionate about ensuring that policy makers are connected with the realities at a ground level. Anna has spent the last two and a half years working across all NDIS trial sites supporting service providers, families and stakeholders to prepare for their transition to the NDIS. During this time Anna has worked in partnership with the NDIA on the system design of the NDIS for the early childhood sector specifically. Anna believes a hands on approach is key to lasting systemic change.  

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Domenica DeCrea

Co-Founder & Director of Getting Sh*t Done

Domenica is an experienced marketing, events and communications professional that has worked extensively with some of the most renowned business thought leaders from both Australia and overseas.  Domenica's expertise is developing professional development programmes, networking events, conferences and content that inform professionals on the latest trends, research and policies that are shifting and changing their industries. Domenica’s passion is creating big bold platforms that challenge the status quo and introduce professionals to new ways of looking and thinking about business and service delivery. Domenica creates platforms that are thought provoking and a little left of wing to ensure her audiences (don’t fall asleep) remain inspired once they get back to their office. She spends most her time telling people what to do, where to be and to smile for the camera. She is currently working towards completing a MBA with Swinburne University. 

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