Balancing Act 3 (BA3) equips purpose driven businesses and organisations from the human rights and human services sectors with the tools and knowledge to transform, innovate and create services that advance human rights. 

How do we do this?


We Help Foster Innovation:
We partner with organisations to teach them about innovation and create light-bulb moments. The aim is to accelerate and transform their organisations from the outdated methods of systems design and models of service delivery that provide poor service experiences and remove people from their rights.

We Inspire a Culture of Human Centricity:
What we mean by this is beyond the concept of simple design thinking for processes. By this we mean working with Governments, Businesses and Organisations to adopt a human centric mindset in order to remove the barriers to human rights justice.

We Advocate for Self-Care and Wellness:
The partners we work with often take on too much and experience things like burn-out, exhaustion and even compassion/empathy fatigue. We advocate for self care and wellness as a priority so that leaders and employees can manage change with a clear focus, healthy mind and revitalised purpose.

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